NUSDeltares helps to solve problems that Singapore and other fast-growing cities in South-East Asia encounter, now and in the future. Not only by providing practical and implementable solutions, but also by increasing the appropriate knowledge and local capabilities needed to manage the natural and urban system.

NUS and Deltares experts work together in three different ways; through fundamental research, applied R&D and specialist consultancy we provide our clients with top expertise, and innovative and practical solutions. We distinguish ourselves from other consulting organizations by focusing on the knowledge-intensive innovation projects that provide clients with strategies and tools to tackle future societal challenges.

A distinguishing and cross-cutting element in our portfolios is the development of unique data-, model- and informationsystems. They are crucial to capture knowledge, to integrate and transfer it, and make knowledge applicable. These systems enable therefore well educated analyzes and decisions on the desired aggregation level.

The success of this approach is demonstrated by a healthy and steady portfolio of innovation projects for various government agencies in Singapore and private sector parties.

We develop

The fundamental and applied research programs of NUS and Deltares form the basis of our knowledge portfolios. In these programs, new knowledge is created.

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We share

Our philosophy is that knowledge should be shared and disseminated. We do that through courses and webinars, and by our open source software policy.

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We apply

Societal challenges require multidisciplinary approaches. In our projects, recently developed knowledge from various domains is brought together and made applicable.

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