The Manila Bay area is home to more than 25 million people and is at constant risk of severe impact by hurricanes, floods and other natural disasters. On top of these events climate change and subsidence is also increasing the risk of flooding. The sustainable development of Manila Bay is under pressure, especially given the expected growth of the population.

The MBSDMP will benefit from expertise in the private sector, but guidance and supervision is required to ensure that these investment proposals meet sustainable criteria on inclusive growth, ecosystem protection, climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction, water quality improvement and upgrading informal settlements, within Manila Bay.

Building on past experience

The Philippine government believes that the execution of this plan will benefit millions of people around the bay. The planning project will cost approximately 5 million euros, with 1 million euros being paid by the Netherlands. The experience gained in similar projects in Bangladesh, Vietnam, Myanmar and Indonesia will contribute to the planning study in the Philippines.

Dutch knowledge used to develop and protect

The Netherlands and the Philippines have therefore joined forces to develop and protect Manila Bay. The aim is to come up with a plan with all stakeholders – from national and local government organisations to representatives of the local population groups – to make land reclamation possible, to clean up the bay and to improve the livelihoods of the population of Manila in the coastal zone. This plan contains the frameworks that will help coordinate the redevelopment of the bay: what is and is not possible, what extra measures are needed and how should private sector investments contribute financially, technically and structurally to agreed development goals? An important focal point of the master plan is “inclusive growth”, where the aim is to deliver an integral, sustainable and inclusive plan that will benefit the more than 25 million inhabitants around the bay.

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