Dr Aljosja Hooijer Research Professor at the NUS Environmental Research Institute (NERI)

Dr Aljosja Hooijer has accepted a position as Research Professor at the NUS Environmental Research Institute (NERI). Dr Aljosja’s main research activities at NERI will be to develop, supervise and publish scientific studies on the fundamentals of the degradation and restoration of peatlands. This will also involve forest conservation and carbon emission research.

Aljosja will continue to work at Deltares for 50% of his time. For Aljosja  this means the best of both worlds: “Doing research, developing scientific knowledge and being able to apply the latest scientific outcomes in relevant field projects.”


Developing lowland management and climate adaptation projects

Aljosja is based in Singapore and is planning to work with the existing NUSDeltares team as well as Netherlands-based experts of Deltares. In addition to his peatland research, he is going to focus on developing lowland management and climate adaptation projects for the South East Asian region applying nature-based solutions.

This region has the most densely populated lowland areas and deltas in the world. Many of these areas are subsiding at record rates that worsen the impact of sea level rise.  Local governments are becoming aware of increasing flood risk and interested in finding solutions. Singapore is already active in this field and is aiming to become a regional knowledge hub. The Deltares Singapore team sees opportunities to support and accelerate sustainable developments in the region.

The publications of Aljosja can be found here: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=A_qPbVoAAAAJ&hl=en

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