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The Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) is one of the leading water events in the world to share perspectives on fostering innovation and collaboration towards a more sustainable water future.

Deltares and NUSDeltares are participating at the SIWW2021. The event will be virtual from 21 June to 2 July 2021.

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Visit our booth to learn more about our topics in Singapore, our work in Asia, how to provide a knowledge base for cities of the future on water, subsurface and infrastructure and our latest community-based open data platform Blue Earth.




Showcase: *PS20 Sustainable (Ground)water Management: Challenges and Solutions Using Integrated Modelling Approaches

28 Juni 2021 (Monday), 2.30 pm SGT (GMT+8)

It is essential to ensure safe and available water for all the densely populated places on earth. Due to climate change and socio-economic changes worldwide, it becomes even more important to be well aware of the vulnerabilities of people and the planet to the water-related risks. An integrated approach is then necessary to be able to protect us for all these vulnerabilities. This webinar will first describe the challenges and our solutions (e.g. products, approach) for sustainable (ground)water management using integrated modelling approaches following with two nice show cases for India and Vietnam.
Presenters: JanJaap Brinkman (moderator), Nadine Slootjes (Blue Earth – informed and interactive decision making for a water secure world), Gualbert Oude Essink and Sepehr Eslami (Mekong Delta), Mark Hegnauer (Ganga River Basin Model).


Thematic webinar: *TW.10 Dealing with the uncertainties of sea level rise

28 June 2021 (Monday), 7.00pm – 8.30pm SGT (GMT +8)

There are different types of uncertainties – unpredictability (e.g. global emission scenarios and changing climate conditions, urbanisation), incomplete knowledge (e.g. lack of knowledge, limited data availability) and ambiguity (e.g. differing stakeholders’ perspectives/values). Not considering these uncertainties in decision making may result in future options becoming constrained by earlier decisions, or situations where assets are obsolete before end of design life. To manage uncertainties while ensuring adequate system performance, adaptive planning is necessary to safeguard the future and interests of Singapore. This thematic webinar invites you to catch a glimpse of some of the uncertainties associated with sea level rise, decision making tools and building with nature as a future proof strategy.

Deltares speaker: Laura Vonhögen-Peeters


Inovation to pratice series (I2P): *I2P.17 Adaptation in South East Asian Cities: Solutions for Heat Stress, Flooding & Planning an Integrated Vision for the Future 

30 June 2021 (wednesday), 09.00pm – 10.00pm SGT (GMT+8)

This session will bring together resilience expertise in the Netherlands and southeast Asia in a joint exchange of solutions kicked off by a high-level panel of representatives from Singapore and the Netherlands to reflect on the important role of international knowledge exchange and collaborations to help build resilient cities.

This session will focus more specifically on climate-resilient solutions to two of the most pressing challenges for the future of climate resilience in cities: flooding and heat stress. Additionally, we will take a closer look at the role of master planning and innovative solutions for adaptive integrated management and city planning in coastal cities, sharing strategies on long term adaptation visions.

Adaptation measures being addressed on this session will include resilient infrastructure, nature-based solutions, integrated management of water resources, innovative modeling, and coastal engineering to provide examples of initiatives for future-proof and resilient cities.

Organisers: Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Singapore, Netherlands Water Partnership in close cooperation with EcoShape/One Architecture, Deltares, KuiperCompagnons, MVRDV, BAM Delta Marine Consultants, Blue21 and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management of the Netherlands.

Deltares speaker: Laura Vonhögen-Peeters


How to participate


  • Registration as a SIWW2021 Online Trade Visitor is free.
    SIWW2021 Online Trade Visitor will have access to the following: Thematic Webinars (limited), Up Close and Personal Series, Virtual Expo and Product/Technology Showcase. To participate, please register, click here.
  • Registration as a SIWW2021 Online Delegateclick here to access to the fees and register.
  • Sessions will be recorded for on-demand viewing and will be accessible until 31 August 2021 for those registered as a paid delegate.

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