Dutch Embassy in Singapore thanks Mr Khoo on Dutch King’s Day

Mr Khoo Teng Chye, Practicing Professor at the NUS Faculty of Engineering and Chair of the NUSDeltares knowledge alliance, recieved a gift from the embassy of the Netherlands on King’s Day.

In the Netherlands, national holiday ‘King’s Day‘ is about celebrating the birthday of the king of the Netherlands.  One of the traditions during this day is to honor remarkable people  with a symbolic recognition for personal, special merits to society with a so called ‘lintje’ from His Majesty the King.

In line with this honorable tradition, the Dutch Embassy in Singapore, decided to highlight and thank a few people who have contributed both to Singapore and to the Netherlands. In a few videos, they highlighted these extraordinary people and their impressive contributions, featuring the strong relationship between the two countries.

NUSDeltares congratulates Mr Khoo, with being one of the celebrated persons.

Strong relation between Singapore and the Netherlands

Mr Khoo was praised for his work on linking Dutch institutions with Singapore institutions and setting up fruitful collaborations. Also for setting up projects on spatial planning, nature based solutions and circular economy.

As a token of an appreciation for his dedication as a career long ambassador for the Netherlands in Singapore, Mr Khoo recieved a gift. The award was handed over to Mr Khoo at the Marina Barrage which is realized with both Dutch and Singapore technologies and modeling.

Mr Khoo:

“The Netherlands and Singapore are both small, low lying countries, near water. We are both going to be very vulrnerable to the impact of climate change, rising sea level, flooding and drought. For Singapore especially, as we move further into research and development and a knowledge economy, we need to find a way to tackle the problem of climate change. I think the collaboration wih the Netherlands will continue at a probably even more strategic, important level. At the national level, as well as at the University where we have the very succesful NUSDeltares collaboration since 2007”.


Watch the video below: