NUSDeltares is the long-lasting knowledge alliance between the National University of Singapore and the Dutch applied knowledge institute Deltares


With two leading institutes we bring together the best minds, an extensive network and ample experience to deal with the pressing climate change, sustainability and urbanization challenges Singapore and South-East Asia are facing today.

It remains of utmost importance to solve the climate challenges we are facing in an integrative manner. For this we need an interdisciplinary knowledge ecosystem in which knowledge is continuously developed (innovate), used (applied) and disseminated (made available). This will provide us with game-changing strategies, actionable solutions and innovative tools to tackle the future societal challenges we are facing in Singapore, Asia and all over the world.

With experts from both countries we provide insights of what might be missing in the current climate resilience policies and programs and what is needed to bring policies and programs to the next level.

Framework of cooperation

We aim for an open exchange of knowledge and capacity, which is why we work closely with governments, industry, other research institutes, universities and NGO’s.

We support long-lasting public-private partnerships, as we know that these will encourage the development of out-of-the-box solutions and new technologies. These collaborations also guarantee a rapid uptake of scientific developments and scientifically sound advice.


Climate Resilient programming

The National University of Singapore (NUS) and Deltares both have in-house experts related to climate resilience, are well connect to worldwide research and professional communities and have a lot of experience translating science to policy and planning in Singapore, the Netherlands, and abroad. The NUSDeltares alliance can bring together the relevant people from both countries to have meaningful dialogues, resulting in insights of what might be missing in the current climate resilience policies and programs and/or what (research) is needed to bring these policies and programs to the next level.


Our Organisations

The National University of Singapore

As Singapore’s flagship university and among Asia’s best, NUS strives to inspire and innovate, and to shape a better future for Singapore, Asia and the world.

The National University of Singapore is a leading global university that through its research and development activities has special interest, knowledge and experience in (among others): Civil and Environmental Engineering, Marine and Aquatic Sciences, Biological Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Geography, Water Policy and Sustainable Urban Solutions.

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Deltares is an independent (not-for-profit) applied knowledge institute and internationally operating specialist consultant in the fields of water and subsurface.

Throughout the world, Deltares works on innovative solutions and applications for people, environment and society. Our main focus is on coastal regions, river basins and urban areas. We integrate our knowledge in these domains with governance and policy-making, to solve complex issues in dynamic environments and densely populated cities.

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Our History

The current NUSDeltares alliance emanated from the Singapore Delft Water Alliance (SDWA); a six-year research program (2007-2012) on water and environment, that trained numerous water experts in and for Singapore.

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Our Team

Our team has representation from both Deltares and NUS in the Governing Board, and Management Team. The Advisory Panel is composed of members who represent the public sector, private sector and non-governmental organisations.

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